Art + Mindfulness classes to rediscover the creative spirit that creates your life.


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If you create any open space within yourself, love will fill it.
— Deepak Chopra


Weekly Mindfulness Practices are here.

Join me for a LIVE class on shattering the beliefs that are holding you back, and how art is the secret language of the soul.

Affirmations and art journal

This class is available online! 

Florence Scovel Shinn wrote over 100 years ago that "Your word is your wand." I agree!

Your words are powerful! In this class , you will learn how to discover the limiting beliefs you are carrying, learn how to write a powerful affirmation DECLARING what you DO want, rather than what you don't want, and create the first page or two in your book. 

  • Expose your negative thought or belief you want to change
  • Properly write an affirmation that is powerful and meaningful to YOU
  • Learn the power of tapping - I learned about the tapping technique 25 years ago and recently picked it up again to help release old blocks and patterns and create new ones - I will show you this powerful tool you can use too!
  • Create a book of affirmations! You will want to visit your book everyday - say these affirmations aloud and claim what is yours, by divine right, under grace!

You will need to bring: A children's board book, and any collage materials you love. I will supply all the rest!


Spirit Led Painting

File Nov 06, 10 19 48 AM_preview.jpg

This isn't just about painting...

Are you ready to dive deep? I have come to believe, in my own process of healing and self-mastery, that when you get our of your mind, and allow the energy of the Quantum Creative Field to flow through you, it's a holy experience. It's spiritual. There are secrets that God wants you to know about you - and this is the way of discovery.

We are from the Creator, we were made in the Creator's likeness and image. We were created to create.

I am not the "inventor" of this process - I would never dare say that - the credit goes to the Divine Creator. I am merely a portal and channel to bring it into the world for other people to experience. The gift was given to me in a dream over 25 years ago when I had absolutely no idea what it meant.

Are you ready to step into the mystery?


Art For Mindfulness Course

Change your mind, change your life.

An 8 week online +  zoom meeting course in creativity & mindful life practices that will change your life - forever.





Create Space Studio


My studio is a spacious add on to my home above the garage and has a private entrance. Obviously I give the address to students coming to my house. I also teach classes around town.


Private studio classes for local


Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— viktor frankl

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