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Mindfulness for mindset. Art Journaling for transformation.

What if you could stop pretending to be happy and instead REALLY be happy? What if your inner self-talk was encouraging, kind, and loving instead of critical and fearful? What if you had an inner cheerleader instead of an inner critic? What if fears and limitations didn’t keep you stuck? What if instead of assuming the worst you automatically assumed the best? How would you show up for yourself - and others - today?

Cheryl Sosnowski - art + mindfulness tour guide.

Hello! I’m Cheryl and I’ll be your tour guide on this journey.

I have great news for you! It IS possible to train and rewire your brain! I know because I’ve done it myself.

First - you can become a totally mindful person - even if sitting and meditating isn’t your jam. My definition and purpose in mindfulness is to use it for awareness and attention training. Learn to stay in the day you’re in, in the moment you’re in so that you can choose to respond instead of react, and notice your thought and emotional states so you can correct them. Yes - being a grouch can be a habit.

Then there is the creativity part. I have created and designed classes that anyone can do - even if you haven’t picked up a crayon since you were 5 and claim “I’m not creative.” Somewhere along the line the definition of creativity got all jacked up. You ARE creative because everything you do has an effect in your life and in the lives of people around you. That’s creativity at work. Art is simple the brain’s creative practice ground! You get the benefits of making art even if you suck at it.

Finally - you came to this planet pre-wired for perfect self-expression in the form of your personality and your character traits. Only somewhere along the line (before you were 7, unfortunately), someone else decided who you should be, how your should behave, and what is possible (or not) for you. That’s right.

Over the past 5 years I have been playing, reading, and practicing on myself. And here’s what I know for sure: it’s possible to discover and live your unique gifts, shatter your limiting fear-driven beliefs and shush that negative self-talk. And to fearlessly open your heart to the power of your purpose.


Creativity training by Cheryl Sosnowski at

Creativity is the power of choice. It’s curiosity and experimenting to try a new, fresh approach to life. Creative thinking is an inborn skill that can be cultivated and developed. The more you create your moments out of a deeply present intentional place, the more authentic you become to your highest potential and self-expression. You can only make creative choices in the present moment. The opposite of creativity is routine. Creativity is our nature, is constant, is the energy of the Universe we life in. It is an alive and dynamic energy that you have access to.

mindfulness for self-awareness training at

Mindfulness is present moment awareness, so you can break the habits of mind that keep you stuck and choose to respond rather than react to your life. When you are mindless you are reactive - re-acting. Any time you are caught in re-acting, re-living, or re-creating, you are not here in the present moment, which is where your power to respond and create lives. Mindfulness is simply (ha!) the practice of training yourself to become aware that you are aware.

Discover your natural gifts and talents and live in your zone of genius! Genius zone training by cheryl sosnowski

Character Strengths + Gene Keys are my favorite tools for understanding exactly who you are. It is powerful knowledge knowing your natural strengths, talents and abilities. There are amazing tools grounded in the latest cutting edge science. What would your days look like to fulfill your potential? Gene keys are more “contemplative” but I believe you ARE a living quantum energy field encased in a dynamic energy system called your body. And just as the oak tree sleeps in the acorn, your potential sleeps in you.

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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— viktor frankl
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