Mindful Art Making.

Manage your mind. Free yourself.


Your whole life is shaped by invisible forces. You can harness them.


What’s your mindset? Is it based on fear, lack, and limitation? Or is it based in curiosity, possibility and creating? Mindfulness is awareness and attention training, so that you can manage your mind. This is the first foundational step to creating the life you want to live.

Because you are a creative being. With your mindset managed, now you can begin the fun of discovering who you most truly are, and begin intentionally creating yourself.

You were born wired for perfect self-expression with your own innate strengths, gifts and talents. That dream you have? It dreams of you too. You were born with a blueprint to create it.

Learn to stay in the day you’re in so you can create greater meaning through intentional living everyday with mindfulness + mindful art making. It’s like dreaming with a paintbrush.


Creativity training by Cheryl Sosnowski at createspacestudio.com

Creativity is the power of choice given in each moment. Creative thinking is an inborn skill that can be cultivated and developed. The more you create your moments out of a deeply present intentional place, the more authentic you become to your highest potential and self-expression. You can only make creative choices in the present moment. The opposite of creativity is routine. Creativity is our nature, is constant, is the energy of the Universe we live in.

mindfulness for self-awareness training at createspacestudio.com

Mindfulness is present moment awareness, so you can break the habits of mind that keep you stuck and choose to respond rather than react to your life. When you are mindless you are reactive - re-acting. Any time you are caught in re-acting, re-living, or re-creating, you are not here in the present moment, which is where your power to respond and create lives. Mindfulness is the practice of training yourself to become aware that you are aware.

Discover your natural gifts and talents and live in your zone of genius! Genius zone training by cheryl sosnowski createspacestudio.com

Character Strengths + B.A.N.K. Code are my favorite tools for understanding exactly who you are. It is powerful knowledge knowing your natural strengths, talents and abilities. There are amazing tools grounded in the latest cutting edge science. What would your days look like to fulfill your potential? When you understand yourself AND others, communication becomes much more effective.


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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— viktor frankl
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