Intro to Human Design + Gene Keys - live and online 1-11-19

Intro to Human Design + Gene Keys - live and online 1-11-19


Join me on Winter Solstice eve to discover your genetic blueprint!

Have you heard about Human Design? It's an amazing tool to decipher your personality, and when you combine this with the power of the gene keys you get a complete map of your energetic blueprint.

In this class I will cover the basics of the charts - what they mean and what you are looking at, the 5 types - manifestors, generators, manifesting generators, projectors and reflectors, and each type's design and strategy. Learning your energy type and strategy helps you understand the best and easiest way you can make decisions.

I will them briefly introduce you to the deeper world of the Gene Keys. In my experience since discovering my gene keys, I believe these are your frequency channels. If you are operating at the "ego" level then you run the shadow - or fear based frequency, and at higher frequencies these are your Divine gifts and talents, and your enlightenment; who are are in the world and in your own inner world. These are the keys to your potential. When you discover what your keys are, it literally unlocks the mystery of you, and you feel the truth of your being recognized and it resonates in YOU.

Knowing these things about me has changed my life - how I view myself, what I thought I should be doing - and has lead to an ongoing transformation into living up to my potential, everyday.

Join me for an eye-opening evening! Please have your human design chart with you - you can create your chart for free at and you can get your gene keys blueprint for free at

I can't wait to share this work with you! I will have tea and light refreshments, and start this special evening off with a group meditation and some sound from my lovely friend Jen McKinney. Please be prompt as we will start on time, and refrain from wearing heavy perfumes please. We will meet in the conference room. I am charging a small fee to cover costs and because when you make an investment, you tend to show up, and I really want you to show up for yourself! :)

6-8 PM January 11. 209 E Baseline Rd. Ste E-102 conference room.

I will also be live-streaming this class via Facebook Live to my groups. :)

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