Inner-Vision Board Workshop - 1-12-19

Inner-Vision Board Workshop - 1-12-19


This is more than a “vision” board workshop - this is an inner-vision board workshop. If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, one of the most imporant aspects is to hold a vision of what you want for yourself, to see it and to feel it.
You will work with the “I” in my Impact Process Training -
“Intentional Imagination” to create a board that represents the highest potential you want to express in yourself. If you can believe it, you can achieve it! There is a YOU inside that is connected to a higher self, which is frequency energy living in the quantum field of potentiality. In order to change ANYTHING in your life, the first things you need to change are your frequency AND your thought energy. Your frequency either operates a low-level or a higher level, where you begin to attract and manifest everything you desire with a lot more ease.

Creating an inner-vision for your life does changes your frequency. This isn't about things you want to get, material things are bi-products - this is about the you that you want to create, the type of life you want to live. When you create your board, you infuse it with love and high-frequency energy that comes from YOUR higher self.

Set your vision for 2019. It’s the first step to creating a purposeful life of intention! We will begin with a guided meditation and sound energy, and then we will dive into our boards! There will be tea and beverages and lots of high-frequency powerful creators!

You can bring along some magazines if you like, but everything will be provided. You will create a 12 X 16 board.

3-6 PM Saturday Jan 12th - 209 E Basline Rd. Ste E-102 conference room (behnd US EGG)

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