Art Journeying - an art journaling journey 4/28

Art Journeying - an art journaling journey 4/28


Have you ever wanted to keep an art journal? It's a powerful way to capture and transform your life in your own private book. In this class you will create your own hand bound, lay flat art journal, and we will add collage elements and paint to all of the pages, so that you will have a ready to go art journal.

Art journeying is a process I created that combines art journaling with the recovery process. Recovery isn't about stopping something - it's about recovering a part of yourself that got lost along the way. This is the hero's journey within. I discovered when I began my own recovery for an eating disorder, that it was not at ALL about the food, but about what was going in me. I discovered that within all of us, we were given a Divine Spark of a perfect self - keeping an art journal absolutely transformed me from the inside out. It's a powerful way to process and discover yourself again - or maybe for the very first time!

After we create our journals, and have added collage and paint to all of the pages, we will do one page together to begin your own art journey by looking at the first question: In what ways are you powerless? In what ways are you powerful? What do you have power over? How do you see your powerful self? And we will create a powerful self page.

You will go home with techniques, and the rest of the art journeying questions for your to go through the process yourself to recover your own inner spark of Divine Perfection. I will show you how to take a photo from a magazine and make it your own.

ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED - but if you have a photo of yourself you would like to use, bring one. And you are welcome to also bring your own collage materials if you have a stash. APRIL 28th - 10AM - 2PM

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