A book of affirmations

A book of affirmations


Florence Scovel Shinn wrote over 100 years ago that "Your word is your wand." I agree!

Your words are powerful! In this class , you will learn how to discover the limiting beliefs you are carrying, learn how to write a powerful affirmation DECLARING what you DO want, rather than what you don't want, and create the first page or two in your book. 

  • Expose your negative thought or belief you want to change
  • Properly write an affirmation that is powerful and meaningful to YOU
  • Learn the power of tapping - I learned about the tapping technique 25 years ago and recently picked it up again to help release old blocks and patterns and create new ones - I will show you this powerful tool you can use too!
  • Create a book of affirmations! You will want to visit your book everyday - say these affirmations aloud and claim what is yours, by divine right, under grace!

You will need to bring: A children's board book, and any collage materials you love. I will supply all the rest!

Saturday, February 10th at 10 AM - 1 PM

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