What is Process Art / Creative Expression?

There is a creative wellspring within you. It is the energetic force that drives your life. You were created to create! Everything you do is an act of creation. Art done for process, gets you back in touch with the creative source of life within you - the real you.

Have you have had the experience of being in the state of flow - where you are communing with presence, with slowness, with the now-moment in which creativity lives and thrives? Time stands still and you aren't thinking, you're just creating? Awakening to the present moment heals and nourishes our minds, our hearts and our spirits. It's an invitation to come home to what is both personal and universal. This is pure awareness in which authentic mindfulness resides.

How it works:

We begin each class by setting an intention and rules for practice. Students are gently held in a container of creative encouragement where it is safe to listen to their own unique intuition, and to play and explore. There are no opinions as to what you should paint - only questions designed to help you find your own answers. Because YOU are know the answers - they are waiting to be discovered. At the close, there is the opportunity to share with others what your experience was like for you - but you certainly don't have to. Sometimes it's nice to listen and recognize that you are not alone,

As we courageously take risks to express ourselves, no comments, judgments or critiques are allowed from the facilitator or from others in the studio. This creates a safe and sacred space where is okay to take risks and chances for every single person present. A mutual support occurs in this space of open acceptance. We paint in silence so that each person may be swept up into the portal to their own inner dimension of creative spirit. The quiet is bathed in music, often laughter, and gasps of glistening "aha" moments.

I would love to talk to you if you're curious! Or see you in a class!

It's about connecting with you back to your own source creativity, so that you can realize your whole life is one moment by moment act of creativity - and it is in how we live these moments that we create our entire lives.