Mindfulness Training + Art

If you are new to mindfulness practice or simply want to enhance your practice and dive deeper, each class intermingles mindfulness training with somatic art experiences to deepen the practice. New class forming July 2018,  The full session is $249 if you pay it all upfront or in 2 installments ($31 per class), or you can pay weekly at $40 per class. Each class is 2 hours. At the end of 8 weeks your life WILL be transformed.

Session 1: Introduction to mindfulness + self-compassion

Session 2: Learning to be where you are + strengthening resilience

Session 3: Our storytelling minds - understanding your mind to tell a new story

Session 4: Stress Less - what stress does to your mind and body and how you can manage it

Session 5: Cultivating Kindness toward self and others

Session 6: Learning to be with things as they are.  (acceptance is freedom)

Session 7: Forgiveness - the key to inner peace

Session 8: You don't have to be a monk to be mindful - taking the practice to real life