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Mindfulness and Creativity sessions for organizations with Cheryl Sosnowski -

stressed at work? Give your employees the gift of mindfulness training!

Mindfulness at work

Join the ranks of Google, Nike, Intel, Aetna, General Mills, and Goldman Sachs (to name only a few) in discovering the power of mindfulness at work.

Americans say that job stress is their number one cause of stress - in fact 60% of Americans say that their job is the major source of stress in their life. Employees who are stressed out are sick more often, have low morale, low productivity, and overall poor work performance. The overall cost for businesses in America is in the billions of dollars due to stress. Having been in a management role in Corporate America, workplace stress is something I am all to familiar with!

There IS a solution. What if you could help your employees learn to respond to situations, rather than react to situations both at work and at home? Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Mindfulness practice naturally cultivates a higher EQ (emotional intelligence) because it brings out the qualities of kindness, compassion, curiosity, creativity, calm and clarity. One of the four pillars of high EQ is self-awareness, and self-awareness and self-regulation are what mindfulness practice cultivates.

I teach 1.5 hour sessions to full 8 hour mindfulness sessions in the workplace.  I have taught mindfulness at GPS Insight, Social Venture Partners, Vitalyst Corp., Mohave County Dept of Public Health to name a few.

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Mindfulness First provided a great half-day training for the staff at Vitalyst Health Foundation. Cheryl Sosnowski did a great job of walking us through the basics, helping us practice some useful exercises and she really kept the whole group engaged. Many of us have continued using the techniques we learned, and it has been quite helpful.
— Suzanne Pfister, President and CEO, Vitalyst

Company Art Party

This is such a fun team building exercise, company creativity exercise, or fun way to thank your employees for being so awesome. This is an art game that I created to ensure that even people who haven't painted since they were kids will have a great time! It's an art for process game in which the whole brain will be used to problem solve, let go of preconceived notions and control, and allow for pure creativity to take over. This is NOT your typical "wine and paint" party where everyone paints what the teacher paints. This is art for process...and it's FUN.

Minimum of 10 people required. I have done parties with 100 people. I have done corporate art parties for Desert Schools FCU, the Arizona Nurses Association, Dave N Busters, and more!

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Dave n busters Paint Party -
Arizona Nurses Association retreat paint party.
Desert School Paint Party with Create Space Studio at Free Arts Studio.
I have never liked art, not even in college. I don’t like what I painted, but this is the first time I have ever enjoyed the process. This was fun.
— Desert Schools Employee