I DECLARE! Creating affirmations that WORK!

I DECLARE! Creating affirmations that WORK!


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You have unlimited creative power in you. You have the power to create your life, as you want it to be! Most people aren't living the life they want to live. One of the easiest ways to begin to change the course of your life, is by being more mindful of the words you choose. Words have power - they are energy and they help to form your thoughts and feelings, which will determine what you do - which of course, determines your life. THIS is true definition of karma.

Over one hundred years ago, Florence Scovel Shinn wrote a book called "Your Word is Your Wand." Spiritual texts, philosophers and wise people have spoken about the power of words, and have advised is to watch what we say. One of the ways of the Buddha's eight fold path to freedom is "right speech". Not only do your words have the power to harm other people - they have the power to harm you, too.

I am your creative guide into the process of declaring, writing, and creating art around your affirmations for life!

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In this class you will learn:

  • How to identify the thoughts and words that are holding you back

  • How to reframe the negative into it's opposite: the positive - you can change your negativity bias

  • How to effectively write powerful affirmations that are meaningful and empowering to YOU

  • Tools and techniques for turning any book into your own personal art journal and work of heART

  • How to use tapping (EFT) to release your negative patterns and help integrate your NEW beliefs quickly

  • Art techniques as I walk you through in real time creating the book. I share my tips and techniques with you, as well as my process when I am creating, because these are techniques and skills that you can learn and carry forward into any artistic project.

You will receive an intro to the process, a meditation to listen to, worksheets to help you dive deep within to the pearl of wisdom in you, step-by-step instructions for effective affirmation writing, how to effectively tap away old beliefs and help program new beliefs faster, and a real time creative art video so you can create your own book alongside me that will become an invaluable treasure to your own growth and transformation.

Why make art?

Because art heals the heart! It's a meditation on joy, on creative expression (which is essentially what you ARE) and it has the power to transform your mind in a way nothing else can! From a scientific point of view, making art engages your brain in a WHOLE brain activity! It's not just "right brained" - it strengthens neural connections across hemispheres! This means that your practice with art carries over into your daily life in your ability to think clearer, faster, and more creatively. It's brain exercise. And it's fun.

This is a powerful process that WILL change your mind about YOU! Your word is your wand! You CAN achieve and have anything you want in this life! You're worth it, you can do anything you desire, and I declare you will!
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