Be Artful + Mindful Online self-paced class

Be Artful + Mindful Online self-paced class


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If you have heard all of the great things a mindfulness practice can do for you, but you can't seem to meditate in a formal way, this class is for you.

This is an online Art + Mindfulness class designed and created by Arizona artist and mindfulness teacher, Cheryl Sosnowski. Art is an alternative way to meditate, that is both a stress reliever and a fun way to “exercise” your whole brain.

In this class you will learn mindfulness basics and practices you can do anywhere, and apply those concepts to simple creative exercises anyone can do – even if you don’t consider yourself “artistic”.

But I'm not Creative.

Yes, my dear, you are! Please allow me to redefine creativity for you:

Creativity is the journey toward authenticity.

How? Because creativity means asking questions of your own thinking, having the courage to follow your own curiosity, and being unafraid to take risks, which lead to discovery. Creativity means that you are a creator, and your masterpiece, ultimately, is your life.

Creativity and Mindfulness are truly superpowers.

Creativity gives you the ability to create yourself. Art practice is the journey of self-realization in action, and the more you realize and feel to be true, the more you want. It takes creativity to step out of conformity and try out new things - including fresh thinking.

Mindfulness is the power to become aware of what's arising so you can break the habits of mind that keep you stuck, and choose to respond, rather than react to life, and to choose to what or to whom you give your attention. And where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Most people think that creative people are born that way, that it’s a “gift” and that creativity is a “right-brained” activity. Creative and mindful are ways of living and being in the world, and both are skills you can develop. Creative exercise strengthens both hemispheres of your brain (that's right - it's not a right brained only thing) and creates new wiring (hooray for neuroplasticity!). It literally develops your ability to think fresh "outside the box" ideas, and mindfulness helps you cultivate the both the ability to focus and see your ideas through, plus the ability to see things with the freshness of the moment you are in, which feeds your creative mind. It creates a powerful mind that sees possibility and opportunity everywhere.

When you ask people what they want, most people say they want to be happy. But what does that mean? The true definition of happiness is feeling like your life has meaning.

The ultimate goal of this class is to give you tools to better manage your stress, calm your busy mind, change your thinking and perspective, and increase your mindfulness and creativity. In doing this you have the freedom to create, with intention, what you want your life to look like, moment by moment - and it's the choices made moment by moment that make up our days, and it's a string of todays that create our life.

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1. Perception and awareness

2. Focus and effort

3. Discernment and Judgment

4. A new point of view – changes in perspective

5. Intuitive, authentic self-expression. Have you ever heard someone say “I wish I didn’t trust my intuition?” Neither have I!

The practice also improves Emotional Intelligence: safe risk-taking, improved confidence, clarity and insight, greater empathy, curiosity, compassion, better self-regulation and emotional management, and healthy self-expression.


Each week we will focus on a mindfulness topic and you will be given tools you can use ANYWHERE as well as a greater understanding of what's happening in your brain and body, so that you can learn to respond instead of react mindlessly to life and everything is throws at you. We will do three creative art exercises and you will be given a weekly "homework" assignment - a simple daily practice to begin to cultivate and train your brain to be mindful and creative.

WEEK 1: Turning off auto-pilot and coming to our senses

WEEK 2: Embodied Presence - Coming home to our bodies

WEEK 3: A New Perspective – Learning to see differently

WEEK 4: Bringing Awareness to Life


Anyone who wants to be calmer, happier, and create more joy in their life through the power of mindfulness. Anyone who wants to strengthen their right + left brain hemispheres (art isn’t just right-brained). Anyone who is dealing with stress in their life and would like to discover a healthy stress relieving outlet. Anyone who wants to learn to tune in more to their intuition and be a more dynamic and creative thinker – for all of life. Anyone who wants to take back control of their life - you may not be able to control what other people do, but you can control what you do about it! For anyone who says they want to be happy - these are the keys to that hidden door within you.


By the time we are 10 years old, we begin judging our art, and it is around this time that instead of learning the skills to improve our art to meet up to our new "standards", we stop making art and label ourselves “not creative.” But the truth is that everything you do in life is an act of creativity – you create your life with the choices you make and actions you take. What kind of life would you create if you discovered that the greatest masterpiece is you?

There is an opening that happens within you with creative practice. A big part of this practice is that art making is meaningful and healing to the person making the art. It is a deeply personal and experiential process. It takes a lot of courage to show up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, and to allow another part of your brain (the subconscious) to express itself in a way for you to tangibly see. For this reason, I liken painting to dreaming with a paintbrush. It requires you to trust your intuitive guidance, suspend your judgment and allow yourself to step into curiosity and be led by it. (plus it’s fun!)

You will find that through self-reflection your thinking and perspective will change, and by sharing and listening to the experiences of others, you will discover how very similar our fears and vulnerabilities really are. In this way compassion and empathy are cultivated as you hear and discover that while our struggles are all different, the way we feel is similar.

You will be given access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions, and to share your own artwork and journey.


Access to Videos and downloadable PDF’s of weekly content, weekly awareness practices,a Facebook Group, & recommended reading, free online resources and access to ask Cheryl any questions that may arise.

Please SIGN UP HERE - this class is on the amazing and wonderful Teachable Platform.

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