what if you could totally know and understand yourself and LIVE from your personal strengths, gifts, talents - andknow every single day that you’re meeting your potential?

Cheryl Sosnowski - coach, teacher, speaker.

Cheryl Sosnowski loves showing people their zone of genius!

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You CAN manage your mind and create your life!

  • Do you feel like you have an inner potential calling you but you don’t know what it is?

  • Do you find that your time and life go by too fast and are unmanageable?

  • Do you feel called to a higher purpose in life but you can’t grasp it?

  • Do you keep sabotaging yourself and you don’t know why?

  • Do you want more freedom, more happiness, more peace, more time, more money?

  • Would you love to know what you can do everyday to create a life that feels meaningful and purposeful?

  • Would you like your inner voice to be your best friend, your cheerleader and biggest advocate instead of your worst enemy?

  • Would you like to know what your natural, effortless, zone of genius is, so you can create more opportunities to live in it?

Mindfulness for mindset + creative thinking + knowing your gifts, talents and potential are the keys to creating what you want!

I use multiple tools - some are grounded in science - like mindfulness training and character assessments, and some are a little more woo-woo but are very interesting to contemplate!

VIA Character training from Cheryl

I like tools that are grounded in science because the results can me measured. This is why I absolutely love using VIACHARACTER.ORG in talent development - whether it’s for you personally, or for your team. The VIA Survey is the premier tool in the field of positive psychology that assesses an individual's character strengths. We make it is easy for you to use our character survey and comprehensive strengths reports so you can apply this life-changing information to your own clients, students and employees.  When you KNOW what comes natural to you, you can work a lot more effortlessly.


So, for the woo-woo loving folks, there are the GENE KEYS, which unlock your genetic blueprint. Together with the Gene Keys book, your Gene Keys Profile is a means of unlocking the enormous potential of your life. Unifying astrological calculation with an archetypal understanding of genetics, your Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here. It tells the story of who you are, what your potential is, what your shadows and gifts are. It's your blueprint based on your birth date, time and place - but it's a LOT more than astrology. Your "sign" is just a tiny part of what makes you, you. Gene Keys takes a deeper dive into your own genetic expression - their shadows and how they play out in your life, the gift that lies in the shadow, and the ultimate Siddhi - enlightened self - your highest potential - that you can possibly become.

In my own study and deep dive in these fields, I have had a soul understanding that the universal field of potential is what we all live in and it is constantly sending out frequencies, seeking matching frequencies to receive. You are a living, quantum energy field.

I envision this working just like a TV or radio channel. Have you ever had the experience where an idea lands on you, and you don’t take action on it, and then someone else does - the exact same idea? This is exactly what I am talking about! Frequencies are energy, ideas, inspirations, joyful expressions, innovations seeking a “channel” to broadcast through. YOU have specific channels and frequencies. And here’s the thing:

They are there whether you are aware of them or not, and when you aren’t aware and you allow your brain to control your emotions and thoughts and life, you are operating at the low frequency of your channel - the shadows of your frequencies.

When you start to discover these shadow frequencies, you see how they have been the expression of your life. You both send out and receive frequencies. This is how you create (manifest) everything that’s in your life. When you discover what YOUR frequency channels are, you can learn to tune IN to what’s meant for you, and tune out what’s not.

Couple this self-knowing with creativity - the journey toward authenticity + mindfulness - the ability to recognize your habit thoughts AND get in tune with your bodies intelligence, your life will EXPLODE into the perfect self-realized, self-expression that is uniquely YOU.

I offer consulting and classes on all of these things. It took me 25 years to synthesize this information into this work. It has utterly changed my life, and my client’s lives.

Get your FREE GENE KEYS chart here. And contact me if you’d like to dive deeper!

This is my life's purpose:

To live in my own, and helps others live in their, zones of genius, so we all step into the role of intentional, powerful creators.

Why? Because I know that when people are awake and living purposefully, the world will be a happier and peaceful place. It will be my honor to help you discover yours.

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