Integrated Human Design

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Cheryl Sosnowski - coach, teacher, speaker.

What if you could truly KNOW yourself?

Think for a moment about the acorn. It has the genetic potential programmed in its DNA to become a mighty oak, provided a squirrel doesn't take it, or it lands on infertile grounds, or some other unforeseen force impedes its progress. Don't you think that you, too, surely must have your genetic potential programmed into YOUR DNA? You do. And just like the little acorn, we all aren't born into families that nurture our gifts and cherish us for who we are as what we are. Actually very few of us are so fortunate!  Some of us landed on infertile ground and we bury our inner potential deep in our bodies and live instead from the shadow self. It's like the acorn forgetting it's an acorn and instead decided to be ... ragweed. I mean, it's much safer to be ragweed right? No one is going to mess with ragweed. But the oak potential will know and will never be happy as ragweed.

HUMAN DESIGN is your genetic blueprint. It tells the story of who you are, what your potential is, what your strengths are. It's your blueprint based on your birth date, time and place - but it's a LOT more than astrology. Your "sign" is just a tiny part of what makes you, you. Gene Keys expands on that blueprint into a deeper dive into your own gene key expression - their shadows and how they play out in your life, the gift that lies in the shadow, and the ultimate Siddhi - enlightened self - that you can possibly become.

Couple this self-knowing with creativity - the journey toward authenticity + mindfulness - the ability to recognize your habit thoughts AND get in tune with your bodies intelligence, and your life will EXPLODE into the massive oak tree - or wild flower- that you are meant to be!

I offer coaching and classes tying all of these together. I am calling it Integrated Human Design. This is my life's calling. It will be my honor to help you hear yours. Beginning in September you can book your one on one Human Design Consultation with me.