Create Space For JOY! 

Joy: the kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens.
— David Steindl-Rast

Joy is not the same as happiness. Happiness is a feeling that comes from something outside of ourselves that causes us happiness (seeking). This is why when people obtain that magical "thing" that will "make them happy" they are shattered when the happiness begins to fade away. Instead of happiness, which comes and goes, seek joy. Joy is a state of being, of allowing, of noticing, of being. It's like a butterfly - you don't chase it around wildly trying to catch it, but rather you sit calmly, watching it, and then it alights on you. A feeling of receptive, surprised delight which has a distinct feeling of gratitude attached to it will also land upon you. This is joy. 

I may have a sinus infection - but I am still creating space for joy!

December. This is a stressful month for so many people. It brings financial stress, family stress, often loneliness sets in. But I look at December as a time of rebirth. Of examining the areas in my life that are no longer serving me and deciding the shed those habits by replacing them with joy-making activities.

You deserve to feel joy. You deserve to care for yourself as much as you care for others. What are some ways you can find to create more joy in your life today?

What gives you joy / what's a joy drainer? Figure it out and choose joy!

THose who share joy with others cannot keep it from themselves. Cheryl Sosnowski -

You can watch in the time lapse video how MESSY the underlayers are here. This is where people get frustrated making art and quit "because it doesn't look good" but just be patient, grasshopper, and enjoy the process of layering more and more colors, textures, and images to your page! The secret is all in the layering and layering and layering. Before you know it, you have created something you love that is meaningful to you.

You can see layer by layer how i just keep adding more color over color, texture over texture, marks over marks.  I've shown you in other videos how easy it is to blend your colors with baby wipes. This one is a time lapse of the changes this page went through before it felt finished. You don't have to colorize your image either - that's just something I like doing. There is no WRONG way to paint - especially in your own art journal which is for your eyes only and others if you want to share, but you certainly don't have to! 

Now go get your journal and paint with me :)

Here are some fun reminders for your phone :)

JOY iphone background - download and enjoy!
Joy iphone background download -

I hope you make time to create some space in you for the countless joyful opportunities that surround you, waiting for you to notice them.

xoxo - in love and Joy! - Cheryl