Human Design + Gene Keys, as I come to understand it.

Cheryl Sosnowski, Human Design Chart
Gene Key Chart

When I saw these charts for the first time, I was like, HUH? What the heck does all of this MEAN? Human Design is unbelievably accurate personality profile. Gene Keys is a holy grail of inner knowing.

In the last 25 years of my search for self, (seriously people, I have been like Indiana Jones on a quest or something), I have NO IDEA how I never heard of Human Design. It just wasn't time yet. And I have always been anti-woo anti-anything-new-agey because I like SCIENCE. BUT - and there's the crazy thing - when I had my suicide attempt I had a dream which I never remembered EXCEPT for two things: One was music made of light. Absolutely beautiful music like nothing here on Earth, which I still remember vividly in my mind, and Second, I saw what I only could describe as "puzzle quilts" - there were centers of words and meanings tethered together by some sort of ropes. 25 years later, when I saw my Human Design chart FIREWORKS shot through my body. This is the puzzle quilt I was shown. I know it with every fiber of my being. But, I said "It's too complicated." and I left it alone. (now that I know I am a manifestor-generator I recognize my impatience!)

Then, months later, in a rather chance encounter I won't get into because well, it's probably only interesting to me, another creative and I were talking about the quantum aspects of creativity and he asked me if I had heard of the Gene Keys? No. So I downloaded my chart and to THIS - I jumped in. Well, lo and behold, where do you think it spun off from? Human Design. I think the Quantum Intelligence wants my attention on this one.

So I have JUMPED in. And it feels like I am a sponge and I have been so thirsty and dry and this information quenches my soul and sinks into me. I am absolutely going to get certified as an analyst. It's totally my DESTINY.

The crazy thing is, for years I have said to anyone who would listen and I don't bore to death with quantum talk and gene expression and mindfulness...that if an acorn has it written in its DNA to become an oak tree, and an apple blossom ALWAYS had five petals and becomes a fruit...and I could go on and on with natural design - then SURELY people must have a genetic blueprint of potentiality too.

We do. And Human Design tells you what it is. Each number represents a gate in your genetic code tied to an archetype, which consists of a shadow, the gift it holds, and it's ultimate potential expression (from Gene Keys) and your own type and strategy.

It's funny because my head is defined and I am SUPER logical and have definitely lived all up in my head, while feeling disconnected from my body. But it turns out that I am emotionally defined, that this is my authority, that I need to tune into, listen and trust that my emotions will guide me. This is really hard for my control freak mind. But it feels...softer. Right.

So of course I finished a level 1 human design specialist course. Because I can't WAIT to share this with YOU. But - I have now enrolled in Human Design studies that I feel like I want to take slow, let it seep in - exactly like a sponge - I don't want to miss a drop. Because while I DO believe that you can experience Samadhi, and that you can radically change in a moment, usually the changes like that don't last. And I want lasting transformation. I want to RAISE MY VIBE!

So while I CAN advise on type and strategy now- I want to be able to dive in to the whole enchilada AND help you learn to contemplate your gates and channels with the Gene Keys work + creative exercises to express the archetypes + mindfulness because HOLY CRAP that's been the foundation for ALL of this learning I have done.

I am BEYOND excited to be able to expand - like WAY expand what I am doing in the world by incorporating Human Design + Gene Keys to Creativity + Mindfulness - it's WAY better than peanut butter and chocolate. It's a soul opening, heart expanding, mind blowing gift. When you know WHO YOU ARE you can approach it with CREATIVITY and you can use MINDFULNESS to address and deal with your conditioned, shadow self - which believe you me, has tried to serve you well but probably isn't doing a very good job anymore. I know my shadows to be really selfish and just...jerkfaces. But I love them and accept them because they served me when I needed to survive - they kept me sane. But now they hold me back. You too?

If you cease to betray yourself, the self sabotage in your life simply stops. A Human Design art journal by Cheryl Sosnowski

 I have always felt this drive of self-discovery, but also because a MASSIVE part of me truly loves people - you - perfect strangers I have never met - and I want everyone to experience the beautiful essence of their TRUE being, the totally uniquely beautiful brilliant one of a friggin kind YOU. And I can't wait to be there when you meet yourself. <3

xoxo Cheryl

Cheryl Sosnowski