Free Art Classes


Watch as I create this painting from collage and intuitive paint. This was my first video so excuse the noise and my silly talking to myself sometimes :) Feel free to paint along! Grab a magazine, some brushes, some paint and a canvas and join in on this creative exploration! There is a preview video of the project or feel free to jump on in.

The password is collagepaint



This is a super fun project to do as a group, or with kids, or by yourself for a few hours of relaxation. The password is ohjoy -- enjoy!

You will need:

  • canvas (I used a 12 X 12)

  • scissors, a ruler and paper to make the star or get one from the internet

  • paints and brushes

  • paper towels

  • letter stickers

  • rubber stamps or texture making things (optional)

  • charcoal pencil, crayons, markers, chalks etc. (optional)