Art heals the heart. Plus it's fun.

Create Space Studio is born of the desire for a place where people can come together to create expressively in a non-judgmental and safe space. This is a creative space of joyful contemplation and total freedom of creative expression. It's a place to come leave your daily stress behind and make a mess without worry. It's a place to make new friends and to come and get to know you again. It is a place to better your life through learning who are you are and expressing your true self authentically! What do you need to #CreateSpaceFor in your life?

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Is This Therapy?

No. Art Therapy requires a therapist to analyze and utilize your art as a means to see into your inner world and help you with emotional, mental, or addictive problems.

I facilitate expressive and intuitive arts in a safe, creative space and my role is one of facilitator, compassion and acceptance in whatever YOU create. I do not judge, I do not offer any thoughts or feedback or opinions. I only gently facilitate you in allowing yourself to let go and create from your heart and soul by asking you questions and sometimes with prompts. If you are in therapy, this is a wonderful compliment and you can take your art to your therapist to discuss it if you like. It is NOT uncommon to break through emotional blocks using expressive arts. My point of view is that creativity is a very real energy form and comes through all of us when it is given the space to do so. It is an ever-changing energy that evolves and expresses itself in every person in a unique way. My job is simple: To enlighten minds, open hearts, and create space. My only intention is to use art as a means and form of meditation and introspective self-inquiry - which every individual can do.

Do I need to be an artist?

Goodness NO! In fact, if you are an artist come to here and remember why you fell in love with painting in the first place :) All you need is a willingness to have FUN and play, and an open sense of curiosity!

Do I need to Bring Anything?

Nope! Just curiosity, an open heart and a willingness to have fun with self-discovery.

In addition, 10% of ALL funds you pay go to help support LOCAL art programs for at-risk youth. I work with kids who live in group homes who need a healthy means of emotional expression.