Cheryl Sosnowski -


Cheryl Sosnowski is a mixed media artist living and working in Phoenix Arizona.

I am inspired by movement, texture, colors, words and am especially in love with the passing of time and its eventual wearing effect on all things. I like when things don't look perfect, and think that imperfections are what make things (and people) interesting. My work reflects my love of life, of God, of science, and the POWER of words. Words are containers of energy and meaning and I always include words in my paintings. I love color, and each subtle shade of color holds energetic power as well. My work is deeply layered, with the layers above revealing layers below - a visual metaphor for change and I enjoy mark making because marks are like fingerprints.

Above all my intention at the beginning of each painting is that my work inspires the viewer, and creates a feelings of peace and joy. My paintings are an invitation to step into the mystery of creativity and to experience a sense of inner spaciousness that comes from connection to Source.

I engage in what I have deemed "spirit led painting" which is a creative process in which "I" get out of the way and allow the quantum creative energy of spirit to flow through my hands.


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