cheryl sosnowski

Cheryl Sosnowski - artist, mindfulness meditation + creativity trainer, genius zone trainer, entrepreneur and inventor. I have a patent and everything!

Life itself is a creative act. Everything you DO creates and manifests itself concretely through the laws of cause and effect, so create yours with attention and intention.
— Cheryl Sosnowski

Hello! I'm Cheryl. My vision is to create a happier world by helping individuals be happy. One happy person has a tremendous ripple effect. Let me help you be a happier you.

I know misery, depression, anxiety, overwhelming stress and addiction to cope with it all. I was addicted to food, to shopping, and almost an alcoholic. Escapism and living from the low-frequency shadow self is something I know about.

After suffering a stress induced nervous breakdown from years of ignoring my feelings due to severe childhood abuse AND living a life that was totally NOT at all in my zone of genius, I discovered the power of creating art to relax and heal, and the POWER of mindfulness though MBSR training. The change in my mind and life was so noticeable that I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to mindfulness training. I have done both MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) and MSC (mindful self-compassion) training, have completed a 1 year intensive training with UCLA’s MARC institute, am a certified MBSR-T trainer, and a certified Mindfulness Teacher through MindfulSchools and Mindfulness Exercises. I love neuroscience and keep up with all the latest research pertaining to mindfulness, creativity, character strengths and positive psychology.

After all of my 25+ YEARS of self-help gurus, books, seminars, and then formal mindfulness training and practice, I realized that real joy, real connection and deep living don’t come from the mind at all - they come from the heart, and art making is THE tool for opening and softening the heart. I also know my character strengths, and try to honor them by living in them each day and using mindfulness as my mindset tool to keep me focused, present, and intentional in my self-talk and actions. My mind works in conjunction with my heart now - and I am an entirely different person than I was! Hooray for neuroplasticity!

This I know: if I can be this happy, calm and at peace - anyone can and my passion is guiding people back home to themselves.

I sit on the board of The Resiliency Council of Phoenix, teach mindfulness in schools to children and teachers for Mindfulness First,  and I facilitate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for teens classes for at risk teens. I am a passionate and dedicated volunteer and professional teaching artist for Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona. I grew up in an extremely abusive and traumatic childhood and was an at-risk teen myself, living on the streets as a runaway and then in a group home, which is why, having found my way out, I think it's my duty to be a light to kids who are where I used to be. One person CAN and DOES make a difference in a kid’s life. (You can be that person too - be a volunteer!)

When I'm not doing all of these things I love spending my free time hiking with my dog Nama (get it? Nama sit, Nama stay…), or with the people I love - especially my husband and kids, laughing and enjoying life. I love to laugh until my face hurts. I have been told I dance like I'm breathing, which is true - it's my other passion. I love all kinds of music, and my idiot savant talent is knowing all the words to (almost) every song - but can’t name a band to save my life. I enjoy deep, meaningful conversations and adventure travel, I am freakishly punctual, I loooooove tacos, and really care about and am curious about people and I talk to everyone - people tell me really weird random things all the time and I love it! I am a compulsive book sniffer, and I hate cheese. Yes, really. :) Say Hi!