cheryl sosnowski

Don’t just bounce back. Bounce back bigger and better.
— Cheryl Sosnowski

Cheryl hates writing about herself in the third person but will try. This is the area she wows you with her fabulous education (nope - don't have one) and experience (have lots of that!) and other blah blah blah which she can sum up simply: Live daily in alignment in body (actions), soul (spiritual) and mind (thoughts). That is practice enough for an entire lifetime.

With the tools of mindfulness and process art, she overcame severe childhood abuse (she's a 9 on the ACES score - not a number to be proud of)  and a quite literal mental PTSD induced  breakdown that lead to near alcoholism and suicide, and brings her personal experience and wisdom of authentic healing and the strength and resilience that can come from trauma to others. She sits on the trauma and resiliency council of Phoenix. She is a mindfulness facilitator, Process Arts Facilitator, and Creativity Coach - because your whole entire LIFE is creative and becomes absolutely joyful when you discover your power of creation.

She had a career in management for a fortune 100 paper company, despite not finishing her degree (her only life regret), and spent 20 years in the paper, packaging and printing industry. She gave up the corporate life to be stay at home mom, where she used to be ashamed to admit that she was sooooooo bored - so she picked up art as a hobby and her passion sprang to life.

She is a graduate of UCLA’s Intensive Mindfulness Practice Program, as well as a graduate of MindfulSchools mindfulness & teacher certification training. She has also gone through MBSR and MSC training. She is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens facilitator. She loves teaching because she truly loves people. She has collaborated with the non-profit community bringing mindfulness training and healing art projects to at-risk youth.  As an at risk "bad" teen herself, this is where her heart is.

None of this means anything without a deeply committed personal practice. Mindfulness is not something you do - it's a way of being in the world.

Cheryl is a life-long learner (her number one character trait is love of learning) who loooooves neuroscience,  and is passionate about keeping up with the latest research pertaining to mindfulness, art for healing and meditation (ie; she's a nerd who loves to read). Cheryl is an artist who creates pieces she hopes brings peace to people who experience them - because ultimately they don't come from "her" - they are the Creative Force working though her heart and hands when she gets her ego out of the way. She is interested in continually exploring the intersection of the arts and mindfulness as a form of meditation, spiritual practice, healing and personal growth both for herself and others.

She is the founder of Create Space Studio in Phoenix Arizona which brings healing art + mindful awareness practice to everyone brave enough to explore the universe within. Her favorite thing (besides her family and her dog) is watching people come to life with paint, She is the Director of Corporate Partnerships at Mindfulness First, where she also sits on the Board of Directors. She is also a dedicated passionate volunteer and professional teaching artist for Free Arts for Abused Children in Arizona which brings art to Arizona's at risk youth population because #artheals. She believes it's her job to be a light to kids in the dark place she was once in herself.

Most importantly she practices what she preaches. She makes time to meditate every day because it creates space, brings awareness to each moment she can, actively practices compassion and kindness daily in the world (which she keeps to herself as a prayer between her, GOD, and the other person), and in those many less than perfect moments when she messes up, says she's sorry and tries not to repeat the same mistake again. When she's not doing all of these things she loves spending her free time in solitude hiking in the Arizona mountains with her dog Nama, or with the people she loves, laughing and enjoying life. Cheryl LOVES to laugh until her face hurts and she accidentally snorts, dances like she's breathing, loves all kinds of music (another magic creative portal), enjoys deep meaningful conversations, is super freakishly punctual, looooooves tacos,really loves and is curious about people and talks to everyone, is a compulsive book sniffer, doesn't like her name and wants to change it to Charley but her son says he will disown her so...., and really really REALLY despises cheese. Say Hi!