cheryl sosnowski

Cheryl Sosnowski - heartist, mindfulness meditation teacher, creativity guru, entrepreneur and inventor. I have a patent and everything!

Life itself is a creative act. Everything you DO creates and manifests itself concretely through the laws of cause and effect, so create yours with attention and intention.
— Cheryl Sosnowski

Hello! I'm Cheryl!

My purpose on this planet it presence and to hold space for you to see how powerful and divine you are. I know that if I can overcome the obstacles I have had in my life, anyone can! My mission is simple: the be a Heartist. More than anything else, I want you to experience the beautiful magic that happens when you truly be you, when you become mindful and heartful.

After suffering a stress induced nervous breakdown from years of ignoring my feelings due to severe childhood abuse, I discovered the power of creating art to relax and heal, and the POWER of mindfulness though MBSR training. The change in my mind and life was so noticeable that I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to mindfulness training. I have done both MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) and MSC (mindful self-compassion) training, have completed a 1 year intensive training with UCLA’s MARC institute,am a certified MBSR-T trainer, and a certified Mindfulness Teacher through MindfulSchools and currently studying with Mindfulness Exercises. I sit on the board of The Resiliency Council of Phoenix, teach mindfulness in schools to children and teachers for Mindfulness First,  and I facilitate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for teens classes for at risk teens. I am a passionate and dedicated volunteer and professional teaching artist for Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona. I grew up in a very traumatic childhood and was an at-risk teen myself, which is why, having found my way out, I think it's my duty to be a light to kids who are where I used to be. One person CAN and DOES make a difference.(You can be that person too - be a volunteer!)

BUT - after all of my 25+ YEARS of self-help, then formal mindfulness training and practice, I realized that real joy, real connection and deep living don’t come from the mind at all - they come from the heart, and art making is THE tool for opening and softening the heart.

When I'm not doing all of these things I love spending my free time hiking with my dog Nama (get it? Nama sit, Nama stay…), or with the people I love - especially my husband and kids, laughing and enjoying life. I love to laugh until my face hurts. I have been told I dance like I'm breathing, which is true - it's my other passion. I love all kinds of music, and my idiot savant talent is knowing all the words to (almost) every song - but can’t name a band to save my life. I enjoy deep meaningful conversations and travel, I am freakishly punctual, I loooooove tacos, and really care about and am curious about people and I talk to everyone - and people tell me really weird random things all the time and I love it! I am a compulsive book sniffer, I hate cheese, and I have never liked my name and want to change it to Charly but my son says he will disown me if I do, so....I'm stuck with it..Say Hi!