#createspacefor CHANGE

First of all, thank you for BEING the change you want to see in the world!

Change isn't easy! If it were, there wouldn't be so many people constantly trying to change! In this class you will open your heart for change - and create space within you for change! Thank you brave soul for taking this journey!


Get comfy and let's meditate!

Click to download a PDF of this worksheet.

Now let's have some fun! Get your paints, your artist book, some magazines if you like, some old papers, find some images that came to you from your meditation! Here are scans of some of the images I pulled in case you want to print them and use them.

The video password is butterfly

Here is your weekly mindfulness practice. Do this at least once a day and notice how you feel. Make a note how changes your feeling state to feel more open and expansive.

And finally, here some desktop art - or print it out, or put it on your phone to remind yourself to work on intentional change this week! xoxo