Quantum Question: Where are you stuck?

Hello Creative Soul.

So I have had this practice for a while that I have kept private. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because I am a teacher so I feel like I should only share the best, prettiest, happiest parts of myself, but the reality is I often struggle with unworthiness and find myself back in the same place. Only it's not the same place, because I have grown, I mean at least I recognize it for what it is now, but it feels like I revisit the same stuff. So I have been asking myself power questions - what I call quantum questions because I believe that quantum shifts in consciousness can happen. But because I am a visual and metaphorical thinker, I answer the questions first in meditation and then in my art journal.

I have decided to start sharing this process here, because I know from teaching enough classes and listening to so many people, that everyone struggles with painful stuff. We only feel like it's just us when we don't share it with other people. So from here out, along with the weekly mindfulness practice, I will also post a weekly "quantum question" to help you shift and grow too. I feel like my only purpose on this Earth is to love and to discover my own inner potential -and to help other people do that too.

So this weeks question is this: Where do you feel stuck? What does stuck feel like? What does stuck look like to you? What is the opposite of stuck? What does that look and feel like? How do you get unstuck?

When I asked myself these questions, I closed my eyes and took some breaths. I immediately felt myself flowing in a river, and then the river gets jammed up with the same crap I carry with me, then I unblock it, flow again, and get stuck again against the same old stuff again. It feels like being in a whirlpool, where I am in motion and not going anywhere because I am bumping up against my stuff, flow, get stuck, flow, get stuck...I am SO tired of getting caught up in the same old crap. It's time to let it go. 

The stuff I carry is pain, shame, regrets, guilt, unworthiness, doubt, sadness - which all lead to self-attack, and for me the self-attacks are "you don't deserve __________ (fill in the blank with whatever awesome thing is happening in my life.) Bottom line? Unworthiness.

Where are you stuck? This week's Quantum Question from CreateSpaceStudio.com  - art journal page by Cheryl Sosnowski

It is SO HEALING to create this image, to see it manifest, and to know that I can unblock it and take away the stuff for good. Creating an art journal page, reflecting on it, being really honest with yourself, is a MASSIVE step in removing your own stuff. 

I hope you make this your meditation today, and every week. Ask yourself where you are stuck, and what that looks like? And then get it out of you and onto a page. It's the first massive step in removing it. And as this quote attributed to Buddha (but he didn't say it) says:

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. 

xoxo - Cheryl
Cheryl Sosnowski