A simple trick to step out of the habits of ego that keep you stuck.

Are you one of those people, like I was, that KNOWS what you want, and what you "should" do, but then something in you switches and you are back doing the same behaviors you want to change? For me, that utterly destructive horrible habit was binge eating!! Emotional eating is SUCH a "tomorrow" habit. Tomorrow I will start. I already blew it today so I will start tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. This is true of any bad habit we want to change that has become a fundamental part of our psyche and who we ARE. Our bad habits give us a reward, for all of the suffering they cause, or we wouldn't DO them in the first place.

Well, even if you subconscious reacts and you get triggered to react in habit, I have discovered a POWERFUL and simple way to create space between obeying like a robot, and choosing a new response. I share the technique in this short video :)

How to break your negative ego habits - STOP DROP and ROLL. On the blog at createspacestudio.com

Our habits might get triggered, but it our conscious mind that decides to follow through, and the more we react our of habit the stronger the fire of habit grows. Obeying your habit is exactly like throwing a log on a fire. So what did we all learn as children to do if we should ever catch on fire? STOP DROP AND ROLL. So I thought, what if I apply this same idea to the fire of my habits? IT WORKS!

Next time you are triggered, instead of slipping into mindlessless, step into mindfulness and STOP IT, then stop obsessing or doing the thing you are doing or want to do - DROP IT, and then roll with it. Look into the feeling or urge with curiosity. What does a craving feel like? What does this urge look like? Draw or paint what it looks like. For me it's definitely a fire that wants to consume whatever is ailing me. And that's just it. What do you REALLY need? To take a break? A quick walk? Some deep breaths? Examine it. Roll with it. And watch it pass. 

When it's gone, then REALLY pay attention to how good you feel. Note how proud of yourself you are for resisting and choosing what you really want.

Don't sacrifice what you really want for what you want right now. Just remind yourself to stop it, drop it, and roll with it. 

I hope it helps you like it's helped me!

Cheryl Sosnowski