The impersonal passing of time

Time will forget you too...a painting meditation on the passing of time by Cheryl Sosnowski -

Reflecting on the impersonal nature of passing time isn't meant to be depressing, but rather to IMPRESS upon you the sense of urgency and fearlessness your life ought to have. When one meditates on time, you sense the ever-changing nature of things. If you look at what is around you right now...your house, your computer, your desk, your clothes, you...all these things are not really static at all, but are all each in their own state of constant change, some of which you can see and some you cannot. Moment by moment we may be able to notice changes: our breath, this word passing as I type it, the singing of a bird, or words someone is speaking, the breeze in the leaves outside...these are tangible fast changing things. The fast changing things are also reminders to be very present while they are happening: a kiss, laughter, the genuine look of love between friends and family, the warmth of a sleeping child next to you, how good the sun feels on your face, the notes in your favorite song. Recognizing the passing of all things creates a deep sense of love and gratitude for them as you have them. It creates true presence.

I have a love of old cemeteries, old books, old buildings and houses. I guess I am a little nostalgic! But I can't help but think of the people that were here and the lives they lived. I heard it once said that each breath is a little death. Again, not meant to be scary but to serve as a reminder that you only have this one life. This time. These assigned breaths. 

Your job is to show up for yourself, and in showing up for yourself you show up for others, because along with this deep presence comes deep compassion and respect for other people's journeys. Within you is a seed implanted in your DNA; the seed of your potential manifestation in this lifetime. Show up for yourself. There is absolutely nothing to fear - fear makes no sense given the expiration date we all face! Have fun. Laugh. Love. Be YOU. Fearlessly, authentically showing up for your precious, miraculous, life. There really is no time to waste.

xoxo Cheryl

Cheryl Sosnowski