COLOR meditation - Green - the color of life and balance.

You can use painting meditation to put your energy and focus on a specific color, depending on your needs. For the first in this series, I did GREEN since it is the color of renewal, health, calm, and luck. Here is a hi-res print out of the effects of the color green. Green is a cool color, and falls in the middle of the visible spectrum, which makes it easy and calming to look at. Green is everywhere! Green is the color of life and I use it to bring my home to life, and create a sense of balance in my art.

When you are doing your painting meditation, repeat the word or words you would like to give green energy to. Feel how it soothes you and sinks in to you.

I used my messy greens to make an abstract green collage. Just cut the paper up and glue it down - another meditation on its own -  and a fun problem solving puzzle for your brain too. #brainfitness 

Green Collage made from green painting meditation paper.
xoxo cheryl
Cheryl Sosnowski