There's an elephant in the room...

I am taking an amazing art class, because I want to become a "better" artist. And by that I really mean I want to create more like ME. In class this week we were supposed to play - and play painting is what I do anyway. I was really surprised when an elephant felt like it wanted to come out on my panel. And I began to laugh because I thought it was funny to paint an elephant and literally have an elephant in the room. Because as serious and introspective as I am, I also have a great sense of humor and want that to BE in my artwork more!

There's an elephant in the room. Painting by Cheryl Sosnowski - blog post at

Now, as you know, I believe that art is the secret language of the soul. So along with being amusing, the elephant also has a deeply symbolic meaning for me (incidentally I suddenly keep seeing elephants everywhere!). From The Book of Symbols:

Elephants are intimately devoted to the sphere in which they stand. Their mythical parents were 16 elephants who emerged from the golden halves of the cosmic eggshell and ever after supported the earth on their backs. If we allow elephants to be elephants in every size of the word, they remind us too, to be elephants, as well, to make room for something of size; something that otherwise languishes in ourselves. Gain the capacity to remove obstacles and open the way. Be impregnated with our dormant greatness; with  a size that has nothing in common with the grandiosity of an inflated ego, but rather with gravitas: the fullness, the weightiness, the strength within, of one's own substance.

I felt that when I painted her. She is strong, calm, loyal, kind and sure of herself - she just IS. And that's what I am striving for in my artwork - an isness. The elephant is definitely my spirit animal. This painting is small - 12 X 12 - and I am going to paint this one HUGE, and I mean HUGE to put in my living room. The elephant in the room isn't a bad thing when you know she's there.

love Cheryl
Cheryl Sosnowski