Who is the self that questions the self?

Who am I? Art journal page by Cheryl Sosnowski @createspacestudio.com

Lately I have invoked a simple (haha) meditation, and that is to ask myself "Who Am I?" and then ask "Who is asking who I am?" And as I sit, I get to a very still part of me that is awareness itself. My ego is gone, my self-labels are gone, my limiting beliefs are gone. I don't know the answers to the questions saints, sages and philosophers much smarter and wiser than me have sought the answers to - but I DO know this: We are all MUCH more than this. We are NOT our bodies - we are energy itself, riding the wave of life in a body. I feel it. And when I do this meditation everyday, I am able to stay in this state of awareness even when I am not in meditation. A space is created in my ego busy body for awareness to reside - and that my friends, brings total peace and calm! xoxo

Cheryl Sosnowski