My Recovery Journal.

I don't share a lot of super personal stuff here, but I will share my recovery journal. I've shared some of the images but not the story. I am in recovery for a lifelong eating disorder I've had since I was 9. Unlike other addictions you "stop" doing and stay away from, food for me, has by far been the hardest drug to give up. And yes, food can be used as a drug. It creates artificial feelings such as a serotonin rush, a literal feel good sugar high because sugar addiction is REAL, and feeling FULL instead of feeling. This process of learning to lean in rather than run away (and I love to run away into a bag of Chips A Hoy - gross) is allowing me to open and recover and restore my heart and soul. I hope these images bless you. Keeping an art journal is a sacred act for me. It's my Higher Power speaking to me. I'm learning to listen. <3 

Cheryl Sosnowski