40 days

The New Year is coming up and everyone moves from holiday mode to change your life mode. Set goals, Create a new you - all those resolutions we forget about by January 12th. If you even made it that far.

I have a simple tool for real change. 40. 40 is a powerful number for cycles and for creating habits that have the ability to begin to stick (I have read that for a habit to be a part of who you are it takes five years of consistent behavior.)

Not only is 40 the number for keeping perfect universal time, it is present in nearly every religion and in the reproductive cycles of our bodies:

Forty days has sacred relevance throughout religion. In Judaism, there’s a mystical practice that says one who seeks an answer to their prayers should pray the same prayer request for 40 consecutive days. Forty days also has significance for Christians who fast for 40 days during Lent.

As with many other cultures and religions around the world, including Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism, in China a new mother is confined to her home for 40 days after she has given birth.

If we delve into psychology, researchers have found that personality can be changed through handwriting exercises over a period of 40 days. 

In physiology, our skin cells on average take 40 days to renew, our red blood cells start dying from 40 days onwards and sperm count can be increased in 40 days.

And in our brains we create 1400 new neurons EVERY SINGLE DAY -- over 40 days you can rewire 56,000 neurons. 

I don't like complicated goal planners and life planners  - they are too much and frankly, I don't have time to spend an hour of my day planning my day! But I CAN create a 40 days sheet for each habit I want to start or stop, and keep it where I can see it or in a pretty 3-ring habit binder like the one I created here.

Create a new habit in 40 days - a free tool on createspacestudio.com

Use this system in conjunction with your regular calendar or goal system. Simply color the days you finish! It's fun, visual, and keeps you on track with the daily affirmation and the mantra to keep you in check when you are faced with temptation. 

Click to download the hi-res PDF.

Say it with me: I will lead a life worthy of my calling.

Here's to a mindfully created 2018. xoxo - Cheryl

Cheryl Sosnowski