Body Scan Meditation

Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body
— James Joyce

The body scan meditation is a formal practice that I recommend doing at night to help you relax and sleep, or in the morning to help you get in touch with your body.

Most of us live very disembodied and this practice can help you get back into your body. Coupled with the art project it is a very eye-opening way to discover what is going in inside of you. I will share mine and my process with you.

My Body Scan Art

My body Scan Art - cheryl sosnowski

My feet felt really heavy during the body scan, like they were magnetic to the Earth, heavy. I did't feel anything in particular in my legs. My groin area I immediately saw the image of a flower, and felt the energy not as sexual but as feminine. I felt a very orange energy in my lower stomach and in my hands, and I could feel the energy radiating out of my hands. The center of my stomach I saw a large mouth. If you have read anything from my before, you know my struggle with a life-long eating disorder, and for some reason I felt this area labeled CONTROL CENTER. My chest feels loving - like an open field. I feel that radiating from me too. I feel like I am super cerebral and I speak freely what's on my mind - and I feel like there is a block between my logic and spirit - and that this block (what I see and how I interpret it) immediately goes to my control center. Interesting! So, that's the process. Here is a body outline for you to use in your own journal. You can use inexpensive watercolors, or markers, or pastels to color in your body. I traced mine into my mixed-media are journal.

Cheryl Sosnowski  --
Cheryl Sosnowski