Basic Breath Meditation + Art

Breathing is something we don't think about - unless you can't breathe. In FREE art for mindfulness class, learn the formal breathing practice and a simple yet profound Drawing a Breath practice that will help you instantly feel calm.

What you'll need:

Chalk pastels or crayons and paper.

drawing a breath - create space studio art for mindfulness.


Sitting in your meditation posture, hold one color in each hand, shoulders relaxed and not tense. As you inhale, move your crayon or pastel with the breath, and as you exhale, move the other color in the same manner. There is no right or wrong way to do this - simply pay all of your attention to your breath and how your breathing feels as you move your hands effortlessly with your breath.  You can even do this with your eyes closed.

Notice if your breaths feel jagged or smooth, heavy or light, fast or slow, thick or thin, short or long, dashed or flowing. You can change your marks as you change your breathing. Do this for 1-2 minutes and notice the difference in your calmness when you are done.

ADAPTATION FOR WORK: you can use a pencil, pen, sharpie or even your finger on your desk - simply breathe and draw your breath for 1 minute to help you relax and ground yourself.


Training your mind to pay attention only to your breathing trains your brain to have better focus and concentration when you need it. It also helps you to calm down and become centered in the present moment. The breath is sacred - it means you are alive. You can listen to this guided meditation often, but I advise learning the practice and then doing it on your own, starting out at 1 minute and working your way up from there.

Cheryl Sosnowski -
Cheryl Sosnowski