This is the ongoing purpose of full attention: to find a thousand ways to be pierced into wholeness.
— Mark Nepo
mindfulness is a way of being.

What is mindfulness?

My personal definition is that is a way of being in the world peacefully, with what is here now. It enables you to be RESPONSIVE to life, rather than REACTIVE to life, and allows you the power to choose your thoughts.

Mindful awareness practice helps you be with what is real, in the moment. When we learn to live in the moment (NOT FOR the moment - hedonism is a totally different thing) we can cultivate calm, clarity, and creative conscious choices about the kind of life, thoughts and feelings YOU want to live. It's really more about noticing and choosing than it is about forcibly doing. 

Mindfulness awareness practice helps you notice what's happening  in your mind and body in the moment. When you stop reacting to the same patterns, you begin to program your mind in a new and intentional way. Mindfulness lights up the pre-fronta cortex (the reasoning part of the brain) and calms down the amygdala (the automatic fight-flight-or freeze reaction.)

Mindfulness is all about training your mind to be present. Here now. So you can FOCUS, SUCCEED, BE PATIENT, BE CALM, SLOW DOWN TIME, and cultivate a joyful state of being. Mindfulness makes you excellently YOU.

Fun Brain Fact: Your brains topography is 100% unique to you - like a fingerprint. And you create 1400 new neurons every single day. Neurons that fire together wire together - you really can create a new way of thinking, perceiving and being in the world!

With practice,  you can have a thought, notice it and acknowledge it, notice your feelings arise, question the validity of the thought (thoughts are not things) and CHOOSE to respond, or not respond, to them. Sometimes no response IS a response. Acknowledging and meeting your feelings as they arise creates less stress in your body. Choosing an intentional response helps to wire your brain in a new way - imagine if being calm no matter what, was the new normal! Most importantly, you CAN begin to transform your negative self-talk into positive, empowering thoughts. Imagine if you could be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy!

Every week I have a FREE mindfulness practice for you to try on! If you remember to practice, you will notice a difference in your life. And here is a PDF of some terrific FREE resources on the interwebs!

xoxo - Stay in the day you’re in! - Cheryl

benefits of mindfulness -

I teach corporate mindfulness and EQ classes. Contact me if you're interested in mindfulness training for your group. Here is what some of my clients have to say.

Cheryl leading a mindfulness painting meditation
Cheryl Sosnowski with Mindfulness First provided a great half-day training for the staff at Vitalyst Health Foundation. Cheryl Sosnowski did a great job of walking us through the basics, helping us practice some useful exercises and she really kept the whole group engaged. Many of us have continued using the techniques we learned, and it has been quite helpful.
— Suzanne Pfister, President and CEO, Vitalyst Corp.
We hosted our annual staff retreat and we hired Mindfulness First to teach us some mindfulness practices. Cheryl led us through different breathing exercises, encouraged us to address some of our personal and professional stresses, and taught us how to reign in our “monkey minds” (scattered constant thoughts). All in just 90 minutes. The time prepared us for a productive and strategic discussion. We highly recommend this to other nonprofits, boards, and organizations looking for support for its employees and leaders.
— – Terri Wogan Calderón, Executive Director, Social Venture Partners Arizona